Loblolly Story

"All you have to do is spend a weekend here and Loblolly speaks for itself..."

Loblolly, a private club and community, was founded by several young couples from Chicago and Philadelphia who shared a passion for family, friends, and a healthy lifestyle. The southeastern coast of Florida, with its warm breezes and sunny skies, was their chosen location.

The evolution of the Club was a thoughtful process. Taking the love of sports and family as their foundation, the original members also established the character of Loblolly -- family-oriented, unpretentious, gracious, hospitable, and fun! The founders began with the Loblolly Bay Yacht Club and Marina where they could enjoy boating, swimming, sport fishing, and a pristine beach. The Club's appeal was far-reaching, with new members from many cities. Their enthusiasm for the game of golf led to the opening of Loblolly Pines Golf Club.

The two clubs were then merged to create the 275-member-owned Club that we now call Loblolly. Because the clubs were established at different times, as separate entities, Loblolly's members enjoy amenities unusual in scope for a club of its size.

7407 SE Hill Terrace. Hobe Sound, Florida 33455P: 772.546.8700F: 772.546.1062
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